Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I call it luck, what do you call it?

Wow, I am so lucky! What? You don't call gale force winds and temps just below 50 luck? How about if I say I actually brought my camera today, and it was Wednesday night? What does Wednesday night have to do with anything? Well, Wednesday night just so happens to be the night of the sail boat races in Lake Superior. If you haven't seen them, I feel sorry for you as it's quite a site to see, especially when it's quite windy!

So, yes, I call it lucky. I've been wanting to get photos of the boats for some time now, and also, I love when the lake has big waves. Granted, the waves tonight, while large, were nothing in comparison to what the lake can dish out. I've also not checked out the cribbing that washed up last winter- so that was an added bonus.

So, since I was able to take some pictures, I suppose I should share them with you now...
Here are some of the waves crashing agains the washed up cribbing.

Some of the sail boats...

Here's the cribbing from a distance. Below is a link from the Minnesota Public Radio's site from when the cribbing first washed ashore.



Doug said...

Nice pictures! I always seem to have left the camera at home when the best shots present themselves.

A Midnight Rider said...

It's good journalism. Always carry the camera, because you never know. You know?

Now I know what cribbing is too.