Saturday, September 29, 2007

I'm back!

So, yea, it's been a few days. Last I left off I was heading to St. Paul for work Wednesday and was going to try to get in some biking while down there. Well, the best plans are always affected by work, right? I didn't get things worked out as fast as I had hoped and was still sitting at a computer hours after I wanted to be on my bike already. O-well, there's always Tuesday... I have... no, "get" (yea... right) to go back Tuesday. So, weather depending, I'll try to ride down there again.

In other news, it's been wet and cold here the last few days. I've been caught in a few rain storms but 1 was worth it. Temp was a nice 68! I thought it was cooler so I had the sleeves on my jacket. After about 3 miles I got quite warm and took them off. At that exact time, a small sprinkle fell, which felt nice. 30 seconds later it was a downpour and the wind kicked up and next I looked it was 61. By this time I was quite wet, so no use putting the sleeves back on, I just enjoyed the ride.

As I got closer to my turn off of London road, I noticed a very crisp rainbow form. It was completely full, from one side to the other- the most bright and complete I've seen in a while, so that made the ride nice! But more so- soon after I noticed the first rainbow, I noticed it was a double... I haven't seen a double in probably 6 years. While I was gawking at the rainbow, I had a thought... "I wonder how many drivers are gawking at this too (while talking on their phones, heads bent upwards)" I figured best to move over a bit more. :o)

On to a different subject- "On your left"
I used to not really say "on your left" very much, if ever, until that fateful day when I ran into a jogger (or, more accurately, he ran into me). I used to think that people are somewhat readable or predictable... well, I don't think that any more. However, it seems that many bicyclist do think that way. I've ridden behind a few people on the way into or out of downtown and not one of them used "on your left", so when I say it, I scare the people a bit more then I would on a normal day.
I typically say "bike on your left" and most (85%) say thank you and are truly thankful, given the other riders I've seen lately. So, you can continue to blow past people without warning, but not me, maybe you'll think twice too after you've ran someone down! :o)

Last but not least...
I bought two things today! Yea for shopping!
I stopped by my no-so-local bike shop, the favorite of MN Bicycle Commuter's, Twin Ports Cyclery. I live way east and don't get west very much at all but I volunteered to help out the fun folks who run the "Haunted Shack" in Morgan Park. I love Halloween and have done a few haunted houses and decided this year to try to hook up with someone local who runs a fine show- some say the best around! So, anyhow, I stopped by the shop and looked at the following... Trunk bags, panniers, lights, boot covers and fenders. I bought the fenders- in bright yellow too! Bonus! Props to Mn bicycle commuter- the person at the store was very helpful and quite nice! Some shops have their noses in the air and will talk down at you if they feel you maybe "don't know enough" but not there- I'll be stopping there again for sure.
I also bought my 20 watt mr16 light bulb so I can finish my headlight project! Maybe I'll have time for that tomorrow.

Anyhow, I think this post is long enough so see you all later!

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