Monday, September 24, 2007

It's raining it's pouring!!!

5:30 check of the weather online showed a rather large storm heading right for Duluth so I got out of work asap but still got soaked. The ride really wasn't bad, but I did think of two things I wanted to research on the way home: 1, shoe covers, and 2, stopping on wet pavement. I've only been caught in the rain a few times, and always forget to be careful when stopping. Like today, put the rear brake on medium force, tail slides out to the left, I felt like I was going down, no time to get foot out, but luckily let go of brake and physics does the rest :o) Gotta love gyroscopic motion! I was just wondering if there's a trick to stopping better in the rain on wet pavement with slick tires- owell...

Other then that, my brakes barely worked at first anyways- and this morning the rear would howl and screech like a flock of geese- it was funny- scared a few pedestrians... I'll have to adjust those a bit.

Just hope my shoes are dry for tomorrow's ride in the rain.

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