Thursday, September 13, 2007

Night Rider

We've been sooooo busy at work lately that I've had to push my ride home time out pretty late. Yesterday on the way home it was just about mid sunset and I felt I needed something in the back to get me noticed. As I mentioned, I was looking at the cateye products so this morning, I stayed home a bit longer so I could stop by the LBS when they opened. I checked out their fare and was recommended the Planet Bike Super Flash which looked good, and seemed very bright in the store even- so I bought it (feeding my instant gratification need).

I was a bit bummed that it only had a seat post mount but I rigged it up on my rack with the reflector mount that came with the rack. The seat post wouldn't work as my bag is generally pretty full. So, on my way home tonight at like 7:40 or something, it was pretty dark, especially on parts of the East Lakewalk and London road. I was going to get a head light too, but they had two that were 45 (I think I recall 45) lumens, one a helmet mount (10$ less then the other), the other was a handlebar mount. Well, that put an end to buying a head light that morning because I am Mr. Indecisive.

I think though, that the helmet mount makes more sense, but I think I want something stronger then 45 lumens, more like in the 200 range. I don't want to spend mega bucks either, so I'm not sure what I'll do yet. I might just find a way to strap my nice scuba light I have to my bike, it's quite bright but I'll look super geeky- but hey, who else is out riding at 8PM? Not too many people I bet :o)

If you have a suggestion for a headlight, please let me know! I like personal references better then website advertising...

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