Tuesday, September 25, 2007

St. Paul, here I come!

Well, I have to go to St. Paul tomorrow for work so I'm going to bring my bike with me! I'll be just 14 blocks from the Capitol building so I'd like to go get some pictures and maybe take a tour of the Capitol if time allows. If not, I'll just go for a ride.

I'll be honest though, the thought of riding down town St. Paul has me a bit nervous. I sometimes think that Duluth drivers are worse then anywhere else, but at least we have wide streets and slow / sparse traffic downtown here. We'll see how it goes- if tomorrow I have pictures I'll say it was a good day!

On another note, yesterday road crews moved the lane markers on London Road. Near 35th East I think I recall... It's the section where northbound has a left turn lane, but they made the normal north bound lane there take up the whole road. Yesterday they moved the markers to the west, giving about 3 feet to the shoulder which is nice for us bikers! Now if we can just stop motorists from using the shoulder for passing on the right...

See ya.

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