Sunday, September 16, 2007

Trip to the lighthouses

On my way into work today I took a very small detour to the lighthouses. I took some pictures, some are below, others are waiting for a software install so I can make a panorama.

On my way home I took London Road. The drivers on that road make me a little mad sometimes, like tonight. I always watch for people taking lefts when heading north because EVERYONE (nearly) will pass them on the shoulder (bad for bikers). What's worse is when someone actually does obey the law and waits patiently behind the left turning vehicle, but the person behind them doesn't, but the the first person gets to turn, so the second in line begins forward, only to have a car on their left, trying to get back into the lane before hitting me... The back car honked and the car doing the right thing, so I turned back and pointed at the passing car and mouthed "You're wrong, not them!" Then when they passed me I pointed at the shoulder and said "MY LANE!"

I was very angry as it's a big pet peeve of mine. Especially when the looser in the back honks at the other person! Come on! Anyways- I'll get down off my soap box now and post some pictures of a much less stressful part of my day!
Lake Avenue

The Lift Bridge

The North Lighthouse x2

The South Lighthouse

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