Friday, September 21, 2007

WOW! That is SUPER bright!

Ok, so maybe the 50 watt bulb was a little overkill :o)

I got all my parts at HD today, and quickly got the light built, for the most part. It ran for about 15 minutes at a crazy bright output, and then quickly degraded. That may be in part to the super old batteries of the cordless drill I used, but more likely that AND the fact that it was 50 watts. I think I'll keep this setup, make another 20 watt setup, and put a "high / low" switch in line and use them both. I drained the battery completely, hoping to remove any memory it may have built up- we'll see how that helps. The only thing that didn't work so good from the instructable was the "no-hub coupling" that I found, it didn't work quite right, so I'll look again tomorrow.
My bill today was 14$- some parts left over, and I'll see if I can figure something better for keeping the bulb in place.
Have a good weekend!


Jerome said...

That's great Jeff. I saw that a while ago on instructables and thought about making one myself.Any update on the 20 Watt? I think I might just have to try one of those myself. Do you have any pictures of yours done?


Jeff said...

Well, if you've read my other posts you'll note my habit of procrastination... Anyhow, I was a bit mad when I went to put it all together. The "no hub coupling" connection wasn't quite right and didn't fit over the pvc piece enough to come back to hold the bulb in place. Meanwhile, I went to a store that actually had a 20 watt spot, after I put it in I noticed it didn't have a lens so- no good for us outdoorsy types.

I'm still planning another trip to the hardware store to find a suitable housing for the bulb, may stop by a pool store too, they have waterproof housings, but they're quite more expensive... I wish I had it working because it was VERY bright! Maybe this weekend, it's kids day this weekend so I'll be at HD anyhow.
Keep reading maybe I'll finish it before winter :D