Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Biking Duluth? Need a map?

I thought I'd post this today since I've been thinking about doing so for some time now and with the new picture tag and all, I thought it may even help me find some nice spots.

This link is for the Duluth / Superior area bike map. It's very detailed and will help you get from point a to point ? and everywhere you need to in between. I also thought I'd make a note of it due to the fact that pretty soon the snow's going to be falling and if you ride in the winter, you may be thinking about alternative routes (riding on London road with no shoulder and a big bank of snow does not sound too fun).

(Image captured from Duluth News Tribune Website 10/30/07)

Another site I'd like to point out today, Duluth Trails, is a site detailing the various trails in the Duluth area. The Duluth News Tribune (I believe) created it with help from some other sources. It's very nicely done and I plan to use it to find some future Tag pictures.

I hope you can benefit from these links and I hope you keep having fun Biking in Duluth.



bbwolfy said...

This is link very helpful. My daughter goes to U.M.D. and I,ve lookin for other places to run/bike when in town besides the lakewalk. Thx

Jeff said...

Duluth has such a vast amount of natural beauty, it's a shame most people don't know more about how to take advantage of it (present company included).
Enjoy your new finds!

Bob said...

Thanks for the good links. I didn't know about a couple of the trails, I'm definately going to go exploring.