Thursday, October 11, 2007

Come on Duluth- make up your mind!

As I left work this afternoon, around 6:20, the temp for 55804 said 40.2 so I dressed for 40.2. Get outside in 55802 and it's like 54 or some crazy thing. It didn't take long before I was cooking! I stopped a bit later and shed a layer, which helped a lot. When I got home, it was 43 still, lying weather :)

I believe this morning it was 40.2 on my bike computer, which would be my coldest ride yet. There can be such a difference depending on which way the wind is blowing, and if it's blowing off the lake, that wet cold air makes it seem much colder.

I'm getting nervous... Any day there could be snow now and I'm still on my Kenda Kross's. I'm thinking of going all out and getting the Nokian Extreme 294's.

Granted, that may be overkill, but I'd rather be safe then sorry. They are a bit pricey though, but I found them on bikeman for 69.95, has anyone out there bought from bikeman? If so, let me know how that went.


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Doug said...

I've bought from Bikeman, twice. Both good experiences. That's where I purchased my Lake winter boots last year. They retailed for $250. At the time Bikeman had them for $179. I got my new Nokian's from Twin Ports Cyclery a few weeks back. I paid $93 for the pair. Whatever you get, make sure you get studs that are carbide steel tipped. Anything else won't last the winter.