Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Crazy Duluth- October means "Snow" not 70

So, it was 70 today, which you may have already read because 70 for Duluth on October 2 is crazy... None the less, I'm thinking winter.

I spent some time tonight reading about last year's Arrowhead 135 which MN Bicycle Commuter raced in (Props to you!) . While there I followed a link to a site I've been at in the past, but a new idea crept into my head.
If you've never been to it's a site where people who actually bike in the winter (a hem, not me ... yet...) can post event listings and it has information for those, like myself, who have not yet biked through the winter. A nice site with a lot of info. However, it seems that only Chicago keeps up to date with events.

There are currently 4 cities listed: Chicago IL, Milwaukee WI, Madison WI, Ann Arbor MI. I thought it would be cool to at least get Duluth, MN on the list with one event! It would be fun to see how many Duluth area people are out there who bike in the winter. I know you're out there! If you're interested in one "official" BikeWinter event let me know and I'll gauge the responses and keep in touch with BikeWinter staff. This would be a good event for one (or more) of the local bike shops to spur winter bike traffic (hint hint).

Well, it's supposed to be nice tomorrow. I think I'll take the camera again should be a nice morning for some picture taking!

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Doug said...

The Velo Duluth bike club, which is affiliated with Twin Ports Cyclery hosts a New Years Day Ride every year. I've done it the last two. I think that would qualify. Or something like it. I was talking to a guy at Twin Ports yesterday. I didn't get his name, but he says he rides with a group of people every Sunday morning all year round.