Monday, October 22, 2007

Nice and cool

That about sums up today's commute. The ride in was around 46 I do so believe, but no rain, which meant I took off my high-tech shoe covers. Doing so really surprised me in that my feet were quite cold today- wool socks and all. Blocking the wind is 90% of the cold battle so far as I can tell. I also opened up a few holes in my helmet cover (high-tech also). My head would get ever so slightly cold even with the helmet liner from Pro-Tec. I think I'm going to invest in a nicer helmet cover (a real one) and some nicer pants. I need something with some warmth, Doug from MN Bicycle commuter really likes his Novara pants from REI. Maybe I'll try those.

The way home was about the same but darker and way faster. I left about6:30 from work and took the lakewalk. I typically average about 14 miles an hour for the whole commute but today was about 20 the whole way. I was going like a mad man. That was the most workout I've had in a while- maybe it's because I'm scared of the dark :D My light has been working great though! It lasts my whole trip home and is very very bright! I want to make it new and with better parts- we'll see though.

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