Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A trip to the "not-so-local" bike shop

Well, if I lived closer I'd probably shop there way too much! "There" being REI in Roseville. I was like a kid in a candy store! I behaved though, bought a nice turtle fur turtleneck and a set of gators- I think they'll both come in handy this winter. I didn't get to ride down in St. Paul today either- another late day of working and down pouring rain to boot. On the way back to Duluth though, I seen a sign for the Munger Trail. Not that I didn't know about it or anything... it was just a thought that popped into my head that I still want to ride from Duluth to Hinckley, 75 odd miles or so in all. If anyone local (or otherwise) wants to plan a ride someday- shoot me a line.



Doug said...

I'm game. About this time last year I rode down Rt 23 to Hinckley and back on the Munger. 144 miles. My longest ride ever.

Jeff said...

How soon would you like to make that trip? Sunday the 14th looks open for me! I think a few people from my work may be interested too, not sure- I'll keep that date in mind, but I'll have to ask the wife too- make sure we don't have a b-day party or anything.

Doug said...

The 14th works for me. The wife has a bridal shower to go to.