Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wet and Windy... What's New?

Yes, another lovely day in Duluth. 47 or so both ways I believe. Gusts not as strong as yesterday, but it was raining pretty good on the way in to work, and lightly on the way home. I'm beginning to quickly realize how it's really going to be commuting this fall and winter, Fun!!! :o)

I met Doug (MN Bicycle Commuter) on the lakewalk today. He seemed to be enjoying himself also. He had just come from Brighton Beach, just north on the old scenic highway, where there were a few people surfing. Yes, I said surfing. That's what people do around here when it gets really windy! I was going to check it out and take pictures but my camera is not exactly water proof :o)

If any of you ride the lakewalk in the winter, remember, bikes stay on the pavement, not the boardwalk...
(crh.noaa.gov 11/27/01)


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