Monday, November 5, 2007

And I came up a little short...

Well, in light of my attempt being thwarted by an uninvited, yet, appreciated guest, Doug, I'll just let you know where I went today, and I'll get my other idea for Picture Tag tomorrow.

I tried to make it all the way out to (right across from) the lighthouse on Wisconsin Point, but on the Minnesota Point side. Let me tell you, that is not an easy ride.

(Park Point)

I left work at 3:30 and headed out the 5 or so miles to the harbor airport and proceeded to the trail. Having never been there I looked on google to see a bit about where the trail goes. Once I was actually there, google did me no good. There are two main trails that are basically really nice to ride on, the rest is sand on more sand. On the way out when I lost any sort of a path I took the beach for a while as right where the water breaks the sand is compacted pretty well, not enough for riding, but much easier for walking.

(The nice trails on Minnesota Point)

I stopped by the old lighthouse ruins and an older cement building and got a very cool image of the docks in Superior. I even seen a huge own, I can only guess it was a great horned because of it's size, but that's a guess.
(The mystery building)

(The Superior Docks)

I made it so close, but to go the rest of the way would have probably added another hour- so with dimming light, I decided to head back. Which brings me to the aforementioned thwarting.

(So close)

(A close up)

I just exit the park at Park Point and I see an orange jacketed bicyclist heading my way- Doug I though. We stop and chat and he asks "You weren't out here taking pictures were you?" hahah.. Who me? No, I always ride do here... Busted I was. O-well. We rode back and chatted against a ferocious headwind and sleet and snow. It was quite fun to have someone to chat with on the way back.

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