Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Biking Pequot Lakes... Just Kidding

I'm in Pequot Lakes, MN for work until Thursday afternoon. Let me just say, there is almost nothing out here. And what's worse, I didn't bring my bike. Had I driven myself, I probably would have taken it, but rode with my boss here. I'm going to be so out of shape- no exercises for a whole week almost.

To paint a picture of how "in the sticks" Pequot Lakes is- look at their water tower...

'Nuff said...

Stay tuned for more from the fabulous world of Pequot Lakes Minnesota!

(Image from http://www.suecoulter.com/ )

1 comment:

Revrunner said...

Hey, judging from the looks of that water tower/bobber, at least the folks there appear to have a sense of humor. :-)