Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I hope it gets better...

Ok, rode in this morning. Second ride in snow and cold to speak of really and second day of problems with my rear wheel / derailleur. Today I'm looking for some help- while riding my rear cassette would suddenly spin freely, as if I were pedalling backwards. This would also happen if I stopped at a light and tried to go again. I would have to push up to a speed and hope it would engage. Anyone have any ideas what that is? I think it's really time for the internal hub. (I called Continental Ski and Bike, my LBS and they said it's probably stuck pawls, I'll have to remove and clean and lightly oil / lube the freewheel- much better for me the cheapskate).

In other news, I had a 48 hour flu over the holidays. I woke up sick Wednesday so took the day off and Thursday still felt sick but dragged myself to my Mother's for Turkey. Friday, I woke up feeling quite normal, a little sore throat, but good otherwise. So Friday we began destruction in two bedrooms on our second floor. I had a suspicion there was no insulation in the walls and I was right. Nothing, only about 1/4 R worth of Balsa wood insulation in the ceiling. I spent about 440$ on insulation and Sheetrock for the two rooms, one is nearly done and the other I'm just about 1/2 way on the insulation and hope to get that finished tonight. The house is a disaster right now due to everything being piled into the one remaining bedroom up there (mine and my wife's) so I really want to get this finished.

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Doug said...

Stuck pawls is correct. It usually doesn't happen until the weather gets well below zero. But if you have some grease from the hub bearings migrating into the freehub, it can freeze up a lot quicker. Do you store the bike in an unheated garage? If so, then it doesn't have to be so cold for the pawls to freeze-up. Denis at Twin Ports suggested I use regular 10w motor oil.

Bob said...

Spray it down with a little Tri-flow spary lube, this will get you rolling in the cold.
Hope your house project is going good, sure should help the heating bills. I'm on the home stretch on mine, just a couple of nights left, then I'll be back on the bike.

Jeff C. said...

I had my bike inside last night and inside when at work. Doug, do you just pour the oil onto your rear gears? I'm going to go to cont. s & b tonight to see if Brin can help me out.

Bob- yes, but the rest of the house is more then likely the same way- going to keep going and doing rooms as it's way to expensive for fuel not a-days. I should hook up a generator to a stationary bike and pedal heat up my house :D I'll get some tri-flow (menards or something like that?) and where exactly would one spray the lube?

Dang Minnesota, I thought I'd be giving up long before my bike.

Bob said...

I get it Daugherty Hardware. Just spryha inot the back of the cassettte and spin it to work it in.

Doug said...

Just spraying it in won't solve the problem because whatever lube that is freezing will still be in their. To do it correctly you have to disassemble the freehub and thoroughly degrease it before putting fresh lube in.