Thursday, November 29, 2007

It worked! I love my LBS

Yes, cold temps and all, my newly re-lubed rear wheel worked like a charm, better then it has in a long time. I have to give props to Continental Ski and Bike's staff- they are wonderfully knowledgeable and very helpful and extremely friendly- my LBS of choice!

I had a good ride in and home today. On the way in I received a friendly honk and wave, not sure who you were, but good morning to you! It was 4 above when I took off, nothing like the morning commute on the cold days. After work I ran into a guy on the elevator who I've chatted with in the past. Today I parked my bike in the basement of our building so I didn't have it in the elevator so he asked me- so you didn't ride your bike today? I said, oh, no, it's just in the basement, I rode! His response; "You're crazy!". Another person I see regularly said "still riding, isn't it cold?" My response, no, the temp really doesn't seem to have much impact. On the way home I felt super pumped up to get riding- I was having a blast!

I cut back a layer today too and was much more comfortable.
I wore starting at the top:
Helmet with holes taped closed
smartwool balaclava
pro-tec helmet liner
smith goggles (no problems with fogging up)
cannondale shell
generic poly layer
helly hansen base layer
generic thinsulate gloves
generic "magic gloves"
Columbia titanium omni-tech shell pants
generic merino wool pants
bike shorts
smartwool socks
generic winter boots

I also bought some 20$ pedals, they worked quite well too, plenty of grip on my boots and a lot cheaper then getting lakes (Maybe next year)

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Doug said...

For being a beginner at this winter biking stuff, you sure are making it look easy.