Saturday, November 3, 2007

Money money money... MONEY

YEA!!! I bought stuff today... Ok, I'm not really that happy spending money, ok, no- I'm a tightwad, just ask my wife (stove's needed a new thermostat for, ahh, gee like 4 months :o I'll be getting that tomorrow too- it better be the problem or I'll be po'd- anyhow, that's a different story)... So, back to what I bought. I got some.. Da da da daaahh... Nokian Mount & Grounds.

So, I did it. I actually committed and bought some tires. After much deliberation and review, I decided 294 studs were overkill for my generally road only commute :D O-Well, maybe next year.

Now, my next question is when do you put on your studded tires? After the first snow fall, after significant winter activity??? Just wondering.

P.S. Gravity is still in effect, I tested it for you all Thursday afternoon downtown Duluth :)


Jason said...

I just put on my new Nokian Hakkeapelittas on Halloween night since studs become legal in Washington on November 1st. They're not really necessary yet here in Spokane, but I've already had several morning commutes in the mid 20s so it won't be long before they come in handy.

Part of the reason I went ahead and switched right away was because my normal tires were pretty worn. I also went ahead because I had time to do it and I didn't know how long it would take me. It ended up taking me over an hour because the sidewalls were firmer than my regular tires and quite a bit harder to get onto my rims cleanly. I actually had to fix a couple pinch flats I inadvertently caused while swapping the tires and figuring out the best technique.

Once on my wheels, the tires felt good. They're fairly loud (for some reason I find it more noticeable in the evening when it's warmer) and make my connection to road feel a little stickier. I'm looking forward to testing them out in wintry conditions.

Doug said...

The past two years I had two bikes for winter. One with studded tires, one without. I never had to think about when to put the studs on. This year I'm going to try riding just one bike. So I'll be on the studded tires all winter. I figured I'd put the tires on when we get the first forecast for snow accumulation. Wait until the last possible moment. We have a forecast for a chance of snow tonight and tomorrow. The ground is so warm I'm not concerned about any slippery conditions yet.

Doug said...

By the way, nice choice of tire. You won't be disappointed. And the carbide tips will last you all winter long.

Bob said...

Ever thought about a second wheel set. You can get a good set for @ $100.00 plus a SRAM cassette for under $30.00. Then you're alway ready.

Jeff said...

Bob, I'm actually in the works of getting another set for free- some sources I have :) We'll see, don't want to drop another 100$ +


Doug said...

Jeff, Couldn't you use the money you been saving on gas and insurance on a car for bike related purchases?

Jerome said...

I'm in the same boat as Doug. I usually wait untill the last moment that I need them. Having said that, last year I road 3 times in snow with slicks (2 crashes) before I had a chance to switch over to the studs. Maybe getting them on there ahead of time isn't such a bad idea. Cheers.