Sunday, November 4, 2007

The snow is coming!

This is by far, not me...

It's 37 degrees and raining outside right now which instills in me a sudden fear of black ice- at least until I get my new tires (yes, I'll still be cautious bla bla bla :o) ...)- but none-the-less, it got me thinking. I've read a lot on winter riding and everyone does it differently. Some use studs, some not, some have pugs, some don't :o) the list goes on and on (and on...).

But what is particularly on my mind tonight is clipless or platforms? I really do like my Crank Brothers Smarty's, cheap, work great, comfortable, but firmly attach your foot to the pedal, which makes putting a foot down when needed take ever so slightly longer to do (ok, I don't really feel like falling this winter :o), but if I do, it will be in snow I guess).

So my thought, get some bmx or other platform pedals like the Crank Brother's 5050's with nice grip and go with a nice waterproof hiking boot, or buy the Lake boots (much more spendy). Money is an issue for me, so cheap is nice, but safety, comfort, and performance all matter too. With the snow right around the corner I'm trying to sort a bunch of stuff out real quick- we'll see what happens.

Do you use platforms in winter or keep your clipless on?

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Jerome said...

Hey Jeff, that ice racing is pretty cool huh? It seems to be getting quite popular.

Huge thanks on the plug for the 12 hours project! I thus far there will be 15 people! Should be cool. Cheers!