Saturday, November 3, 2007

TAG! I'm it...again

Well, after many days of searching, and some help from family members who know more then I do sometimes :D (ok ok, and a few clues- Sorry Doug :D) I was able to find this house.

This house is on the corner of Roslyn Ave. and E. Oxford St.

On my way back home I found out that my speedometer goes past 35 :D I hit 40.9 on the way down Glenwood St. It sure was fun trying to find this picture- Duluth is full of some very pretty neighborhoods. I felt like a kid again today; we used to always ride around our town on bike- Thanks for picking a hard place to find this time!

I'll get my next shot Monday if it's not raining. I know exactly where I'm going next :D



Doug said...

Oh man....I missed it by a block or two. I went up Vermillion to Park Hill Cemetery, turned around, came back down Vermillion and turned left on Oxford. If I had turned right on Oxford I would have found it. At least on was on the right track.

Jeff said...

Oh man!!! I was super close the other day too, not as close as you, but I would have kept going up woodland if I didn't need to be home already Friday afternoon. Good try Doug. Was that today or yesterday?

P.S. It's E. Oxford and Roslyn Ave. You literally were one block away :D

Jeff said...

(I thought I wrote a different street on the orig post)

Doug said...


Bob said...

Good job, Jeff. I can't wait to see what you post.