Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Did someone order more snow?

What a crazy few days of weather here in Duluth. First major snow December 1st, something like 14-16 inches and another 16 today in West Duluth. Funny thing is in Lakeside where I live we only had about 3 (only about 10 miles from West Duluth). I rode in this morning and the roads were ok. Word to the wise, watch the brown slop, it sucks you where ever it wants, be it into a snow bank or into the road- dangerous riding in that stuff. My morning commute went well. The Lakewalk was decently plowed except for a few places. On the boardwalk ramps behind the buildings on Superior St. I had to push some because it wasn't cleared there at all.
I didn't get to ride home; decided to buy a friends snowblower (attachment and riding mower for a price that couldn't be beat). We left work a bit early because of the snow. Neither one of us thought it would be bad but it took us 1 hour and 45 minutes to go about 3 miles. I've never seen a slower traffic jam in my life. The bridges were closed due to accidents, downtown was total deadlock. I wish I had just rode home, I would have enjoyed going faster then all the traffic. :o)
I don't get to ride in tomorrow either- left the bike at work. Tomorrow's ride home promises to be fun though.

Hope you stayed safe today!

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