Friday, December 7, 2007

Under Pressure

On my way home Thursday I decided to try to ride the lakewalk which was a pretty bad idea. Earlier in the week I found out that some sections hadn't been plowed at all and I found out again that was still the case, but with the addition of about 6 more inches of snow. My typical commute in the summer was about 23 minutes, Thursday it took me 1 hour and I was working hard that whole time. From the lakewalk I took the sidewalk on London road until the stop light then road the shoulder. That worked out well because by that time I was pretty tired. I did manage to snap a few pictures but it was past 4 which means it was pretty much black outside :o) (turns out nothing in my house can read my new 2gb sd card- that really sucks)

Today I was thinking about how low I could go with the pressure of my Nokian Mount and Grounds. I checked their website and it says 58-65 (recommended / max) while Peter White's site says 45 is a good number- which makes sense for the typical surface the tire is intended for around here. But I was still wondering if I can go even lower when needed, say 20's or if that just wouldn't work. I think if I'm going to stick to the roads I might try to increase it towards the 60 mark, that way I should be able to get back up to a pretty good speed. I'll have to play around and, of course, keep safety as my main concern.

Anyhow, I've totally lost track trying to get my card readers to work :D
Have a good weekend.

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Doug said...

I'm sure you can go safely down to 35-45 psi. The issue you can run into with low tire pressures is you take a chance of having the tire slip on the rim. It can cause the rim to cut the valve when the tube slips with the tire giving you a flat. The only way to know for sure is to experiment. Some people will glue one side of the tire bead to the rim to prevent slipping. I've run my studded tires as low as 30 psi without problems.