Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Why, why why LBS, why? or Have you seen my pro-tec helmet liner?

Ok, sorry for the dumb title but I'm pretty tired.
A few days ago I went to put on my gear and was missing my pro-tec helmet liner. I think I may have dropped it by the sculptures on the lakewalk or perhaps my one year old girl hid it on me like she hid the remote yesterday- I was not happy with her. :o) (JK)
So if you found a pro-tec helmet liner, it's probably mine...
On my way in this morning I stopped at the LBS and they were closed when their sign clearly stated they should have been open. I was not happy with them either. Not that I really needed it today, as the temps were pretty decent but still- I wanted to buy a new one so my old one would show up quicker.
On my way home tonight I kept having the skipping on the back in the high gears problem. I decided to get off my lazy butt and stop and look at the thing, as I thought, a link in the chain was not moving- must have gotten bent or something. In the lower gears in front and higher in back (smaller rings on both) the radius of the chain ring is such that the links have to bend more then on the larger rings and it causes it to skip (also when it runs through the derailleur). I need a new chain or something and on that note, I hate my chain tool- it's just a simple tool; takes the chain apart very nicely but it's a P.I.T.A. to get the pin back in while holding both ends, the tool, the pin, the beer, the cig, the... o wait- I don't drink or smoke, but still, it's a pain. I'm now on the hunt for a nice chain tool, one that will hold multiple links on each side so you don't have to hold them and one that will make it easy to put the pin it there... The chain on there now is some sort of put it together and push on your pedals and it snaps together- I guess that works but I still want a new tool. Maybe if my LBS is open tomorrow when I get there I'll see if they have something like that.

Maybe a new pro-tec helmet liner too.........

(Enough silly business for one night)



Bob said...

Get a SRAM chain w/ the power link - makes chain maintainence a snap and work great.
The local LBS's don't carry helmet covers, either. I would think they would be a local staple for cold/wet cycling.

Jeff C. said...

Bob, that's what I had on there, the "power link" I guess that's the new fad? :) I didn't mean helmet cover- (duct tape- black for me) I meant my think hat cap thing. I bought an exact replica of the pro-tec I lost, maybe it will help find it's mate.

Bob said...

I've got a couple of helmet liners/skull caps. I also like a cover for over the helmet. Easier than duct tape, but not Red Green approved, I'm afraid.

Jeff C. said...

I am so smart, I am so smart, S.m.r.t I mean S.m.a.r.t.. (Homer Simpson)

I didn't know that you are suposed to keep the pin in the chain when you take the chain off. Easier to put back on that way. I guess you can start the pin in like that too, then put the chain together. (Non- "PowerLink" chains)

Doug said...

I do a lot of winter activities...cycling, snowshoeing, x-c skiing, winter camping. The only activity I wear a helmet with is cycling. All the other activities I don't have a helmet to cover or block with tape over the holes. And guess what, my head doesn't get any colder. So for biking I wear similar head gear, and add the helmet. I don't feel the need to cover the helmet because my head is already insulated. I've never understood the need to cover the helmet when your head already has a hat on it. But of course, I've always been a bit odd.