Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Finally, some pictures! (and other info)

Hello again! I'm just here to post some pictures. First, from the Velo Duluth New Years Day Ride. There were about 15 I believe I counted, I think 2 had mechanical problems because I didn't seem them after we left. It was a fun ride, about 10 miles according to Google earth. I plotted our course and then my course after with Doug to park point and back, made a nice "Duluth Triangle" I'll post a shot of that tomorrow- kind of funny. The first 10 seemed a lot faster- perhaps because we were with a larger group? Either way- here we are!

(I'm behind the camera :(, Doug and Boz and both there, can you find them?)

A note about my gear- Boz's post reminded me to check on some things.
Mainly, my new gloves. I was given two pair of gloves for x-mas, nothing too "special" other then they were gifts. I returned them because- well, they wouldn't have cut it for biking. I went to Dunham's sports (not top rated stuff, but hey- if it works, more power to you!). I found a pair by Kombi, they are gore-tex and seemed quite comfortable. Well, performance wise- AWESOME! I used to always get cold hands and fingers but not in these. I highly recommend (29$ and full fingers). The -20 windchill had no effect. It's these here- (Image from Kombi Website-1/2/08)
Also, I got some new boots. I searched high and low in Duluth for some insulated hiking style boots (200 gram thinsulate, waterproof). Most what I found was either over 125$ or didn't have my size. I also needed to find boots for my 1 year old, which don't exists in Duluth either. I checked wal-mart and found some really cheap (price) boots for myself. I don't have the brand off-hand, but they are 200gram thinsulate and waterproof. I've tried other boots and options but my feet were toasty as can be in these things- lightweight, comfortable, CHEAP! Just my style.
(Cheap- read last post- new baby on way- cheap = perfect)

A few shots of Christmas lights in Duluth

Here I am as I got home this evening- I wonder if I scare people dressed up like this...

Anyhow- enjoy the new year!

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