Monday, January 14, 2008

Hello again!

Welcome back! I trust everyone had a good weekend? I did! I was back on the bike today for a quite chilly ride in today. I took a few days off to let my knees get back to normal- today they felt fine. In other news, my wife started another semister of classes today so it's going to be hectic like crazy around here for who knows how long. I'm glad I get a solid hour a day to myself to mellow out or I think I'd blow up!

I recieved a late x-mas present saturday, a new cateye headlight from nashbar. I appreciate the gift but I just bought one on my own and can't return that one now that so I'll be looking for something to snatch up from nashbar- we'll see what tempts me over the next few days. Too bad it wasn't a 1000$ head light or I'd have a new bike... Ha.. I'm dreamin there hu!
Anyhow, have a good week!


Bob said...

I'd keep the light, you can never have too much stuff! Stay warm this week. The cool down is coming.

Doug said...

I think I'd have to agree with Bob. If there is nothing else you absolutely have to have, keep it. One day you'll need it and be glad you kept it. A backup light is a good idea for a year round commuter.

Jeff C. said...

Well, that would make number 4, I have the new one I bought, the one I made, a led headlamp I take with and then this one. I guess it couldn't hurt, but are you suggesting I take it with daily, with my other 3 lights? Seems overkill :) I used to take an extra set of gloves and a hat, but I've found that to be overkill since I've gotten my new gloves and nice headwear. Where would I stop? If I take it, should I mount in and use it too? :o) JK. I think I'm good on the light situation. How many lights do you have?

Doug said...

Didn't know you already had that many lights. I have two. A handlebar mounted one and a helmet mounted one. I carry both. I used to use just one. I found I sometimes forget to recharge the batteries and wasn't making it home before the batteries went dead. Without a back-up I was screwed.