Friday, January 4, 2008

The icy shores of Lake Superior

The weather here right next to the big lake is quite odd. You travel a few miles in any direction and you'll have vastly different temps and conditions. Today was supposed to be a warm day- which it was comparatively speaking but that really doesn't mean much.
On my way in I noticed how the lake was starting to ice over. I figured on my way home I would not see any ice because of the warm temps but on the contrary, the ice had been pushed to shore by the westward winds. A very thin- hardly noticeable layer had formed all the way to the shore. It's funny, the things you miss in everyday life because we're too busy doing this and that and going here and there. I stopped on the lakewalk on the way home and just relaxed for 10 seconds and I could hear the waves, ever so small, coming to shore crackling the ice above. I was peaceful in a way... Then I tore out of there and pushed hard for home because we had to go out to eat and drop off the kid and the in-laws and go to the store and..... That's enough peace for one day :o)


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