Thursday, January 31, 2008

We're havin' a heat wave... A tropical heat wave...

Isn't that how the song goes? Anyhow, with the strange temps as of late I thought my commute home was going to be balmy when I checked the temps and it said 7 above. When I got ready to leave work I said, eh, I'll just use one layer under my jacket today. Well, a few words of wisdom, 7 degrees is not balmy :)

Yesterday I took in my first meeting the Duluth Area Trails Alliance. I group trying to help add and enhance the trail systems in Duluth. They also formed a sub group that is going to help address the issues regarding alternative transportation. It looks like this group (DATA) is going to be doing some great things, keep an eye out here!

Yesterday I had an accident. I turned down 4th ave w from 1st st and my front tire slid out from under me on the super cold and slick paver stones which make up downtown streets. I managed to do quite a graceful 1 legged dismount and run off as my bike continued straight and I went left. I was ok but I broke my two lights. One was just a bulb and the other was the clamp. Serfas kindly is sending me another clamp, thanks! I'll have to find myself a new bulb which will give me a chance to make some improvements to my DIY light.

Also yesterday because I was going to be riding my bike to the Chester Creek Cafe, I wanted to buy a lock (yes, not much bike thievery when it's -12 below, but still, rather safe then sorry). So I went to Continental Ski and Bike to buy one but they didn't have anything strong enough for what I was looking for so, they nice guys that they are, they offered me a loner... but they were gone so Brett from the shop lent me his personal lock. That's how great this place is. Thanks man! I returned it today, hope you find it safe!

On my way home after the meeting I headed out at about 8:15. After fiddling with the lock and putting on cold wet gloves my hands got the coldest ever. I stopped mid ride to put on a backup pair but had problems with the thumb of the liner going where it was supposed to so I ended up with thumbs in the mitt part, not recommended but it kept my thumb from freezing. I would not have wanted to have to have been out much longer in that situation. The cold up here is no laughing matter, when something goes wrong it can get much much worse simply because of the cold.

So, wish you the best Doug, I'm sure you'll do great in the Arrowhead 135!

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Tone Coughlin said...

I have an extra big cable that you could use, you just need a lock for it.