Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Will Power

I'm writing right now, sitting here in all my riding gear. Luckily my computer is in my basement which is quite cold so I'm doing ok. I'm waiting for my balaclava to dry. I went to put it on and it was still soaked from yesterday. As I was sitting here I realized it really takes a lot of will power to wake up, watch tv and see pretty much every school in Northern Minnesota closed, for the second day in a row, and think, well, I'm still going to ride in today. My wife is staying home so that even means I could drive if I wanted to.
I must say this; if you're riding to work in any condition below freezing, give yourself a pat on the back. If you're riding in freezing rain and glare ice roadways, another pat. If you're riding in below 0 another pat, below -20 (today) another and if you're riding in the Arrowhead 135, 5 more!!!

I haven't written lately but I have been wanting to. I wanted to let you all know about the crazy weather we've had here. Monday we had temps 20+ in the morning and freezing rain and 34 deg. on the way home. I must say how well my Kombi gloves worked in the rain, 100% dry, thanks gore-tex. Also, as I was about 1 mile from home I looked down and realized I didn't have any rain pants on, just my toko pants. I was amazed that my legs were totally dry, sure, the pants were wet but none came to the inside! Awesome!

So, with the fun temps, highs and lows, the rain, ice and bone chilling cold, I must say it's been an interesting week already.

Stay warm!

GOOD LUCK Monday Doug!

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Doug said...

Will power for sure. If I was a betting man, I would have bet against a first year commuter making it all the way through their first winter. You've ridden in the worst we can get. That's incredible!