Friday, February 15, 2008


I'm home again for a few days, probably more travel again next week. I'll try to find bike time again but need a more bike friendly vehicle next time. I did ride home from the airport today and dang, it was cold. I wish I would have had my shell pants and another bulkier layer on top because my torso was literally red from being so cold. I decided it was best to forgo the trip down 7 bridges road because Glenwood is much faster :) also my main 50 watt battery was not doing so well due to the cold. Would like to find a li-ion battery for that but for now, it will do as I have two led lights that work well.

So, near 13 miles today in some really cold temps, probably the most uncomfortable ride I've had yet, by far. But it was still nice. Tomorrow they are expecting 32 or so above so I'll try to get out on the trails again.

Stay warm tonight!

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Kristin said...

Kudo's to you for biking on Friday! Darn chilly for sure. Hopefully you can get some road time in on Saturday. It was 6* when I drove into the Y at 7:30a and 22* when I came out at 10:00a

Food and yoga go great together. :)

Stay warm and may your tires always stay on the road.