Thursday, February 14, 2008


Reporting in from Pequot Lakes again. Here's what's new...

I had to pick up a rental car and the timing wasn't too perfect for having a nice ride from my wife up the hill to the airport just about 8 miles away. I looked up the directions on Google and also used the Duluth trail maps to try to find the best route up the hill to Rice Lake road. I had my route planned but, of course (short term memory is non-existent) I forgot them in my office. So, I winged it. Ended up riding pretty much straight up the whole hill up 7th ave east. Not too fun mind you. The whole trip was pretty much up hill 820 feet up to be exact. That took me an hour which was pretty good considering. The people at the airport car rental place thought it was pretty cool but I was just hoping I would be able to get my bike into the car. A ford Taurus doesn't afford much room in the trunk, had to drop the back seats but it fit.

So, that brings me to today. I wanted to go for a ride around the lakes here rather then sit in the hotel room blogging, but here I am. I forgot my boots and my only shoes are my dress shoes so, I'm bummed out, no ride today.

Tomorrow I plan to get home at a decent time, say, between 4 and 5 and then swing by the house to get my boots and drop off my laptop, then ride the bike home from the airport. The nice part about that is that what goes up (me) gets to go down. The ride home should be super fast and I'll swing up to 7 Bridges for another downhill run.

I had a lot of computer time tonight, found out there's quite a few more Duluth blogs then I first thought, most are politically based so I don't care for those so plaa whatever. I also wanted to find a new template for my blog but there aren't really and ones I liked so I'll have to design one for myself.

I've been looking for a new bike too. Decided I'm going to keep my current bike for my commuter and look for a nice trail bike. Want full suspension but granted, that will cost a bit, but would be willing to take a hardtail for sure. Looking for a nice deal, perhaps a discounted last year’s model or a used bike.

So, I had my first ride up the hill and around the top, always stayed lakeside (well, woodland isn't really over the top, just on the way up there). I think I would be more inclined to take on the hill from time to time if I need to go up town.

Oh yea, happy Valentines Day to my wife! (Sorry I'm not at home) (She doesn't read my blog anyhow...)


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Doug said...

Hardcore, that's what you are! Riding your bike to the airport in February to pick up a rental car, Go Jeff!

A second bike...and so it begins! You've caught the disease once you realize your one bike isn't enough.