Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Sunday Ride

Had a really good ride today. I went out with my neighbor Tone who bikejors quite regularly with his dog. We went out on the snowmobile trails from Lester Park and ended up somewhere near Lismore Road, about 10 miles + away. On the way back when we got onto 7 Bridges Road again, we headed up skyline to hawks ridge and took a fun little single track down to glenwood. All told it was about 21+ miles and 2 hours 20 minutes of ride time. I felt a little bad for holding him back, he did get some help from his dog but he's generally a much better rider so I don't feel too bad :)

Last time I took the trails it was quite hard packed and icy, perfect conditions for a non-pugsley to be out riding but today, having temps of 40 1/2 above and a lot of snowmobile traffic, the snow was very soft and even letting out a lot of air didn't help much with my 1.9 inch tires. If I want to ride the trails more I'll need wider tires for sure. I'll stick to picking my days on the trails better and staying a road rider for a while yet. (need new bikes, one's just not enough :) ... )



Tone Coughlin said...

I think your tires might have been a little too narrow for the soft snow. I haven't seen it that soft out there all year.

Bob said...

I had a nice road ride yetserday - Fredenberg to Lakeside - great weather. My hands didn't freeze for a change. Glad you guys had a good ride.