Friday, March 7, 2008

Cyclists bombs New York City Military Recruting Station

I'm sure you've all heard by now, but...

"NYC Struck Again by Mystery Bomber

NEW YORK (AP) — For the third time in as many years, someone riding a bike and armed with a small explosive has struck in Manhattan, this time in the highest-profile location by far: a landmark military recruitment station in the heart of Times Square."

And my favorite part of the piece...
"The commissioner cited other possible clues: A new bike discovered at about 7 a.m. in a Dumpster just a few blocks from the blast, and the sighting of a man spotted on a bike near the scene moments before the explosion.

The man caught the attention of a witness because he was riding slowly, wearing a backpack and a hooded jacket, Kelly said. The witness, who was buying a newspaper at the time, said because of the hood, the rider's face "was pretty much covered.""

Ohh man- I'm going to need to find a clear balaclava :) I don't ride slow though so I think I'm ok :o)


Doug said...

Hey Jeff, whatta got in that backpack?

bikingbrady said...

Careful posting that picture. You might find yourself in a lineup. I had the grocery getter and a back pack today. Nobody gives me a second look in Vermillion because I'm the only idiot who has a grocery getter like mine :P

Kyle Archer said...

Hey mate, I got the Ergos for free from a friend's bike, but they are fantastic, one of my favourite additions.