Monday, March 3, 2008

Short update

Had a doctors appointment for a physical, drove the van. Had to stop at the post office, noticed the yellow light was on showing we had a low tire on the back passenger side. I looked back and it was flat as a pancake. Luckily it was snowing and cold so I was able to have a lot of fun changing it in the slop. Drove to the dealer as I thought I had a warranty on the tires (which I did, but expired at 12,000 miles). They said it couldn't be repaired due to the 1 inch long slice of metal sticking in it. I was quoted 110 for a new tire (my thought was- my bike tire doesn't cost that much, and it came with metal in it- a new found love of bikes and hate of cars - repair costs). I called around and decided to go to sears where you can buy road hazzard warranty for 10% cost of tire which I like to buy. When I got there, they too thought it couldn't be repaired but said they would try if I would like- heck ya, try try try... So a few minutes later they said they could repair it. Turns out someone mistook my car tire for the door of their house and tried to open it with a key. Silly person...
18 dollars and one hour later I was rolling! (more ammo on why I should get to spend money on my bike once in a while too- car needs an oil change too $$$)

Thought I'd take the family out for a fun dinner somewhere. In Duluth, there's not many places where you can have a fun dinner so I came up with pizza and bowling. We went to the Incline Station here in Duluth and bowled two games. I let my 16 month old roll my first frame- she got an 8! I was pretty cute. Anyhow, second game, 10th frame, I've only had one open frame, got a 9. I roll an 8 and go for the spare, split second before I pick it up the lane shut off. I was mad. I was having the best game in quite some time and they shut off my lane with 1 ball left. I talked to them and they turned it back on and scored the spare since she actually seen me get it. Next and last ball, strike! Ended up with a 180. I was pretty happy.

Took my oldest girl (8) to the movie with my mom. Seen Spiderwick Chronicles- it was pretty good considering it was a kids film. A little scary for some I would guess but she did well. Upon exiting the theater noticed it was raining and the roads and sidewalks were glare ice. Was happy I had studded tires on the bike but that didn't help for the car or the feet.

Expecting the sidewalks to be quite slick for most of my commute- waiting for spring!!! Need to find a trail bike, looking for something full suspension, used or really crazy good deal on something new- upper limits probably 600$ Got anything to sell?

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