Wednesday, November 12, 2008

great light found for a cheap skate like me

I wanted to let everyone know what I found. While I did find some really nice nice lights by hope, and other brands, I did find one that has a good amount of lumens (136) but more important, it was in my price range, cheap as can be. 26$ or so, I believe it was, for a nice CREE led light (helmet mountable quite easily) and 136 lumens, that's 3 times as many as my Serfas light and 1/2 the cost. I like that.

Granted, it may not last forever, doesn't have a blink, but that's not what I was looking for. I was all about lumens per $ and at over 5 lumens per dollar, I couldn't go wrong. Most every other bike light you'll find you'll get more like .8 lumens per dollar.

Again, it's at target and is labeled River Rock. There are a lot of discussions on battery and lighting boards out there if you search.

Also, I ordered my Princeton Tec Swerve tail light. I'll review that when it comes in, probably today or tomorrow!

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