Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tough time deciding on a light: help wanted

The dark comes quick now-a-days. The new time change this year caught me off guard. I've given up on my DIY light, the battery pack from my old drill didn't hold much of a charge and the design left me far from satisfied. Thus I've decided to buy a nice light. I'm happy with my Serfas 1 watt blinking light, and the cateye, both mostly for being seen, though, work in a pinch (a slow pinch). What I'm looking for is something to really light my path, probably helmet mounted but not required.
I'm leaning the Princeton Tec way but I want some input from people with nice setups. I'm wanting to stay sub 240$ or so. I know that gives a lot of room, but at that price there's a lot of variety and that's why I'm stuck.

I'll also be adding a Princeton Tec Swerve. Looks to be a great rear blinky.

On a similar side note, this Halloween I noticed a biker riding along a street about a block away from me, he had some CRAZY bright headlights (I believe 3, 2 on top and one directly under) and a really bring tail light. I wanted to ask him what they were but he was too far ahead for me to talk to him. Later, a few blocks away, he's coming at me again, this time on the same street so I call out "Sir- can I ask you about your headlights???" and as he came closer to me, not in any way realizing I was talking to him, I noticed it was not a "sir" rather a young kid on some kind of crazy bike. It had the really bright headlights and the tail light had a blinker (I'm not looking for anything like that). So, I was left confused, standing on the side of the road with my wife thinking I'm a nut case (probably what the kid thought too)...
I looked all over the net trying to find any similar lights or bike equipped with such lights but no such luck so I'm guessing this kid's got a really cool dad or mom and gave him the hook up. This all transpired in lakeside so if you know who this is and what kind of lights they were please pass on that info to me!


Jerome said...

Hey Jeff. I've been using this Petzl. For a head light I've found it to be great. Even while riding at a decent speed on a lonely country road with no street lights for miles. I actull have ended up using this light all around the house, for camping and cycling. It's a great multi-use lamp that is fantastic for cycling.

I'm waiting on a dyno-hub front wheel to come from Peter White. I'll be reporting on how that works for illuminating the road as soon as I can.


Biking Duluth said...

Thanks Jerome,

If I had a bit more to spend I think I'd give this guy a shot. I've emailed him a few times and he seems to have a great niche product!
650 Lumens off the dyno, make it a 6 led and you'll have 850 Lumens, that's crazy!
I'm thinking 200 lumens will be plenty for what I do, but yea, this guys stuff looks pretty nice!

Boz said...

WWDD - what would Doug do. What does MBC have on his rig? I'm in a quandary on headlights myself.

Biking Duluth said...

Doug's got two princeton tec's, a yukon (24 lumens) on the bar and an eos bike (50 lumens) on the helmet. I'm looking for closer to 200 lumens. I want power! :) I've been doing so much research it's maddening, but I'm lacking the ability to get MY hands on these to see how they look and how well they work. Closest to that is :

Boz said...

I see a lot of 24hr endurance MTB racers using the Niterider Trinewt. 500 lumens and li-ion battery. @$350.00, which is kinda standard for that sort of power.

Biking Duluth said...

my problem is- defining which light is "best" should be rather scientific. Most lumens for the dollar. I understand it's not that easy, but what I am concerned with is best quality of light for the lumens / dollar. That page I sent lets you see how the lights compare, and some are way better then others, I just don't know how much overkill I need :)

Doug said...

Jeff, That's my snow bike set-up. On the road I'm currently using the Eos on the helmet and an old Planet Bike Alias on the bar.