Monday, December 1, 2008

Tis' always the season...

Hey all- I've started something new- (hum, imagine that...) I have been following a fellow bicyclists blog for some time now, and it's particularly touching. His wife has been fighting cancer for 5 years now, and lately it's been quite hard and his site is a reflection of what it's been like for him and his family- kids and wife.

Please take a few moments to read and after, if you wish, help me fight for his family and for everyone who's been affected (or, will be- that's the sad part) by cancer.

Fatty is an amazing person- if you took time out to read his site you'll understand what he's trying to accomplish.
He's set up a team in each of 4 cities which will be hosting events (races). Austin, Seattle, San Jose, and Philadelphia. I'm not planning on going, but I signed up for the Seattle event. But, those who make more then 1000$ get something special if you go. Anyhow, I've signed up as part of his team for the Lance Armstrong Challenge. I'm doing this because, should I ever end up in the situation like "Fatty" is in, I should hope that there are people like us, who are helping him, standing in line to help me (or anyone else I love and care for).

His goal is to raise over 1 million dollars. 1000 team members having 1000$ worth of donations. This would be a world record for the Lance Armstrong Foundation- and you could be part of it!

So, if you so choose, please help me help him and thousands of others, fight the battle against cancer.

You can donate online via my team member page at



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