Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happiness by bike

So, yesterday I rode in and decided I needed to become a bike commuter again, not a bus commuter, or a car commuter, but a bike commuter. I finally am comfortable with everything at work and feel I can start to ride every day now. And honestly, the rides today were GREAT. I felt that great feeling I used to feel so often. It's different, riding in the 40 degree temps with driving rain then it is when it's 65 and sunny. This morning I had the pleasure of meeting a fox on the trail. I stopped and watched him. He didn't seem too concerned as he trotted towards me, on his way to the trial off the path. He came to within 15-20 feet of me. You don't get that every day, and never when you're cruising along at 65 mph. People today are too concerned with packing their day with everything they can, rushing from here to there, not giving ANYone else 2 extra seconds. It has gotten pretty sad honestly. People are so focused on cramming more in their day, chasing happiness, that they don't have time to actually be happy... I can honestly say I was very happy today, absolutely soaked, riding home, going home much slower then everyone else, and I was happy. This morning I had time to notice the stains the leaves make on the ground and this evening I had time to notice the layer of water on the black of the trail that made a mirror reflecting the view of the bare trees.

I forgot what it felt like to be happy. I can't wait for the next ride.


Doug said...

Yeah, Jeff!! I was very wet and happy on my way home today as well! I can't imagine missing out on that and commuting in a car.

Boz said...

I miss riding to work, even when it was only half way rides. But I must say "rain, rain, go away"!!

bikingbrady said...

It was a cold cold rain here in SE South Dakota too. I too probably cram my days way too full, but I do it by the pleasure of my bicycle!