Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I see pretty lights

Thanks to whom ever put up the lights on the lakewalk bridge, a nice sight on the dark rides home!


who cares said...

Where can I find this Trail/Bridge
I will be visiting Duluth in Spring on Business. I will be there for a month. Unfortunately the information on Moutain Biking has been limited, in fact all information on Duluth has been limited or repetitive. So far this has been the best I have found . Anyway any suggestions on Mountain Biking trails would be appreciated.

Biking Duluth said...
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Biking Duluth said...

Who Cares: This trail is part of the lakewalk, the newer east end extension. You can see most of the lakwalk here: (that's a .pdf there) and the extension keeps heading east to 47th ave. It's a very nice pathway for cyclist and walkers / joggers and everyone else too. A nice site for trails is htt:// well, side note, looks like that site is down. O-well, look here too, it's the new map the MIC, ARDC, and Continental Ski and Bike put out. (worth picking up in the shop)
And this one is helpful :
This site has some people that have uploaded gps maps of some of the trials. Peidmont I believe, has some great new trais.
If none of that helps, I'd say call continental ski and bike and ask them- I suggest them over ski hut, but ski hut is grea too, I just like continental better. Either way, there's some really nice trails

Ayasha Kieth said...

Wow that was really pretty lights. Walking on that lane will makes you happy. By the way, where was that place?

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