Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Single Speed Conversion

Long time everyone, thought I'd write to ask for some input. Last night I did a complete freehub dismantle and clean- pawls kept sticking when the temps were around 10 below or colder. So, after doing all this, I decided I want to convert to a single speed- not a fixed- just a single (or double... (or triple?))...
So, here's what I've got- a shimano 7 speed cassette and in the front my chain rings are not removable. I'd like to go with a Surly Singleator, but do I need to remove some of my rear cassette and put in spacers or do I need to buy some other stuff?

Another option is to go with 3 speeds like what Kent has done.

So, what do I need- that is the question. I'm slightly clueless when it comes to number of teeth, chain length, bla bla bla... :) Help me out.